Sony ILCE7S/B Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera Review

Best Sony ILCE7S/B Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera Review : Presenting the world’s smallest and lightest1 full frame interchangeable lens camera. With a groundbreaking 35mm large pixel image sensor rated at 15.3-stops of dynamic range and an ISO 409,600 sensitivity2, the α7S reveals astonishing detail and color even in the dead of night. Video excels with Full Pixel Readout, a 4K-optimized sensor and uncompressed 4K output. Fast, intelligent autofocus completes the picture.


35mm large pixel image sensor with 15.3-stops of dynamic range

The groundbreaking α7S features a 12.2 effective megapixel 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor paired with a powerful BIONZ X image processor. The α7S can shoot at a sensitivity range of ISO 100 – 4096004 with low noise and unprecedented 15.3 stops of dynamic range. The extra-large pixels on the α7S collect dramatically more light than traditional cameras to produce beautifully detailed, low-noise images in even the most challenging lighting environments.

12.2MP sensor optimized for 4k and low light video

The α7S is the world’s first 35mm camera to incorporate ‘direct pixel readout’ utilizing the entire width of the full-frame image sensor without line skipping or pixel binning. Therefore in both HD and 4K video acquisition it can read and process data from every one of the sensor’s pixels. This allows video shooters to utilize all of the artistic and creative benefits provided by the unique sensor.

High ISO up to 409,600 w/ fast AF in light as low as EV -4

Equipped with the same high-precision Fast Intelligent AF system as the award-winning α7R camera, the α7S drastically improves AF sensitivity in low-light that can go as low as EV -4.

Additional Features

Silent shutter mode for discreet shooting

Silent shutter mode is ideal when discretionary shooting is required; like capturing a recital or wildlife. Activating the silent shutter eliminates the use of the mechanical shutter and therefore shutter noise by utilizing an electronic shutter in its place.

3.0″ 1.23M dot LCD tilts for high and low angle framing

The tiltable 3.0” (1,229k dots) Xtra Fine LCD Display makes it easy to photograph over crowds or low to capture pets eye to eye by swinging up approximately 84 degrees and down approximately 45 . Easily scroll through menus and preview life thanks to WhiteMagic technology that dramatically increases visibility in bright daylight. The large display delivers brilliant-quality still images and movies while enabling easy focusing operation.

Simple connectivity to smartphones via Wi-Fi or NFC

Connectivity with smartphones for One-touch sharing/One-touch remote has been simplified with Wi-Fi/NFC control. In addition to Wi-Fi support for connecting to smartphones, α7S also supports NFC (near field communication) providing “one touch connection” convenience when transferring images to Android smartphones and tablets. Users need only touch devices to connect; no complex set-up is required. Moreover, when using Smart Remote Control — a feature that allows shutter release to be controlled by a smartphone — connection to the smartphone can be established by simply touching compatible devices.

Pro-workflow w/ Picture Profile, S-Log2 and time code

The α7S is equipped with S-Log2 gamma. Common to Sony’s range of professional video cameras, S-Log2 expands the dynamic range by up to 1300% to minimize clipped highlights and loss of detail in shadows. The α7S includes a picture profile that can adjust settings like gamma, black, level and color adjustment, and can be saved for use in a multi-camera shoot. It also has Full HD and 4K base band HDMI output, time code/user bit for easier editing, synchronous recording feature with compatible devices, various marker and zebra displays on both the LCD screen and viewfinder.

Audio level controls, AAC/Linear PCM2, optional XLR kit

The α7S has a Multi-terminal interface shoe that is compatible with Sony’s XLR Adaptor Microphone Kits (XLR-K1M plus a new model under development), allowing the use of professional microphone systems.

Compatible w/ Sony E-mount lenses and many others3

Directly compatible with the growing family of E-mount Full Frame lenses, the α7S camera can also be used with A-mount and others lens systems with optional adapters. Sony’s complete α lens system includes several premium offerings from Carl Zeiss and G Series Lenses. Sony’s E-mount lens system is particularly well-suited for video shooting, with a variety of models containing “movie-friendly” features like smooth focusing, powered zoom control, and silent iris/aperture control.

About this item

Brand : Sony
Shooting Modes : Silent Shutter
Model Name : Sony Alpha a7S
Type of product : SLR-style mirrorless
Color : Black

NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (1080mAh)
BC-TRW W Series Battery Charger (Black)
AC Adapter
Micro USB Cable
Body Cap

Customer Questions & Answers Most Helpful

UHS-1 or UHS-3? Which card is the minimum for video in this camera? I know you need at least a 64GB card.
UHS-1 95MB/s is your minimum as long as the card can sustain at least 60MB/s write speeds (and no less) you’ll have a good thing. UHS-3 is the better route to go: you’ll be pretty much guaranteed the write speed… but there are UHS-1 cards that can do it. They just won’t be cheap. Which is okay. Good memory is worth it.

Whats in the box ?
The following components are included in the box:
A7S body
2 x NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Battery Charger
AC Adapter
Micro USB Cable
Body Cap
Shoulder Strap
Cable Protector

Anyone know how good the auto focus is? Just as a video camera can be static as it does not need to be monitored constantly will this camera static?
The auto focus is pretty OK I haven’t used it much for video

hello where is made this camera?
This camera is made in Thailand where Sony imaging factory is located. Thanks.

What is the return policy on this camera, sold by Sony and fulfilled by Amazon?
HI Little T, Product is eligible for Amazon’s 30-day returns policy. Best regards, Zander

Is there any particular difference between this a7s and the ones of the same model that are about $400 more? Perhaps different version, no warranty?
Our camera is an Asian version but it is almost the same as the US model. It is a NTSC model. And one US plug adapter will be included in the package so that you can charge the battery in the US without any problems. Its initial display language is in Korean but you can easily change it to English. It comes with a one-year seller’s warranty. You just need to send the camera to our US delivery agent where is located in NJ if there is a problem with the unit. They will send it back to us. Thanks.

Hi i bought this in japan, and now i want to change the language from japanese to english. help me! It doesn’t have a language setting.
Hi Ryu0229, unfortunately, models sold in Japan are region specific. It only has one language option, and there’s no option to add or change it to any other language. Thanks_Mitch

does it come with a lens?
Well it should say in the description that it is “just the body” if it doesn’t then no but with a lens is would be a couple hundred to a maybe a grand more with a lens.

Can Minolta, Sony and Zeiss A-mount lens be used on the A7 cameras? And if so, what features are adversely affected?
Hi, for using an A-mount lens on this Sony E-mount type camera ILCE7S, you will be needing an adapter such as LAEA4 to make it work. This adapter supports 35mm Full-frame sensor and Auto focus (AF) (Phase-detection AF). It means that this adapter will work on A-mount lenses without any adverse affect. (just a reminder that not all minolta lens is compatible with this adapter).

Does it have cinematic quality for video
Absolutely. Even the noise at higher ISO is luminance rather than color noise adding a cinema grain until of course you push the ISO too high and get a purple cast on everything. Just setup your picture profiles right to utilize the full potential of the sensor.

Why is it cheaper? The other Sony A7s shows that is 2500?
Mine is used. 😉 It should be showing up in the used section of that product page. It’s in excellent condition, it was my backup camera for wedding photography.

How long can you record 4K externally before it overheats?
I’ve used up a battery without it increasing.

Does this work for livestreaming? What is the time limit on video recordings?
Hi Alicia, it does not appear that the wi-fi allows you to stream video. Sorry. You have limited battery life so, probably less than 60 minutes for video recording on a full charge.

Can you use Canon EF or EF-S lens on this camera?
Yes, there are adapters that range from $20 to $400 or so. I picked up the Fotodiox version for about $100 that gives you autofocus, efix data and control of the aperture on EF lenses. There is a Metabones one that’s about $400 that’s supposed to be the best option but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on it.

Just off the phone with Sony Consumer assistance. They claim that this camera, the A7s, will NOT work with SDHC cards, only with SDXC cards. ???
Hi, this Sony Alpha Camera A7s works with SDHC and or SDXC. Just a reminder that for recording videos under XAVC S format, it is required to use SDXC memory card of Class 10 or faster. Hope this helps. -Ely

Can any a7s users confirm if the US models have a 30 minute video limit? Thanks!
It does have 30 minutes video limit. From my perspective, it seem like less it records than 30 minutes at a time and it does get warm. However, if you have external recorder via HDMI, it could theoretically record unlimited minutes.

Is it better than the A6500? For videos mostly?
Probably not. But the A7S mark 3 might be worth waiting for if you can hold out for its release. If not a greater number of pixels, it should have a better focusing system in low light.

Free shipping to singapore? 🙂
That will depend on the seller. In my case that is not the case. I am US only.

When it says I need an external recorder to record 4K what is that? Can anyone link it?
Something along the lines of an Atomos recorder. You know those tiny screens some people use attached to their canera that isnt an lcd display? That’s an external monitor. Some record, those that record are what it’s referring to. An external recorder usually uses something like a hard drive to record the footage immediately so you don’t need to go through an SD card with some cameras like the A7S you need an external recorder so it can use the firmware because it’s A4K sensor it just can’t output at 4K unless it’s connected to one of these devices.

Does it have an ef mount; can i use lenses i bought for my canon t2i on this?
It does not have an EF mount for Canon lenses. That being said, there are many companies who create adapters to fit EF Lenses on the Sony E-mount camera. Metabones is one of the best.

Since Sony does not tape-seal its packages, how do I know if the product is really brand new?
Normally you could tell the difference between a new box & old used box on the packaging of camera and its accessories.
You could check whether the camera was at factory setting of not, e.g. the time setting and the shutter number.

If I order through Amazon, do I have to pay any customs’ fees?
Cameras are duty free when imported to the US. So you won’t pay import taxes.

Top positive review

A Good Specialty Camera for Photographers

Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2019
Color: BlackConfiguration: BaseVerified Purchase
I am a professional photographer and I have owned every other A7 camera including A7, A7S, A7R, all the gen 2 versions and now the gen 3. I currently shoot on the A7riii. If you’r reading this review then you likely already know enough about what this camera’s amazing low light performance and want to know if this camera is still relevant in 2019.

The short answer is really depending on what you plan to use it for. At the $2,000 the answer is no for all scenarios. For $400 more you can purchase the A7sii and that’s a significant upgrade which I will go into further below. However if you can find this camera for around $1,500 or less, then the answer is YES!

If you’re an advanced amateur or getting into the photography or the video business, then this is a great camera. It is small, light, and powerful in low light situations without having to own flashes and other light modifiers. For video, most videographers will need a gimbal for smoothing out shake anyways so having IBIS (from the A7sii) may be redundant for your purposes and you can save some money with this camera. However if you are a working video professional, then most likely you should skip over this generation and go for the A7sii or the A7iii for 4k and 6k downsampling capabilities. However if you need a backup camera or a camera for personal projects, it still holds its value well.

I used this camera mostly for photography stills as a backup for my A7rii. While this camera is primarily geared towards video, in my experience shooting stills with this camera is great despite what others may tell you about autofocus and video. It’s definitely not a main camera for photo stills (12MP is too low to deliver to a client) but works well as a secondary or backup camera for low light situations. Even today the A7s holds up well as being a legendary low light king that’s unmatched by few others. Possibly the reason why the price is still around $2000 is because there’s no other camera out on the market besides the mark 2 that can match the same type of low light performance. The A7Sii is essentially the same camera with 1 stop better low light ISO performance in a better body with IBIS. The IBIS may not directly affect image quality but it allows for far longer hand held stills and smoother video so that it essentially boosts the low light image quality by leaps.

Low light – This is this camera’s strongest selling point. Low light beast. This camera will shoot in situation that no other camera can shoot in, and shoot it cleanly. People who don’t know about this camera are constantly asking me to “turn on the flash” or “you’ll never get that photo” and then are amazed when I show them the results. Simply put this camera is superb in producing “natural light” photos in low light without the distracting flash or harsh flash lighting. It’s a unique look that few other cameras can really replicate.

Dynamic Range – This camera has amazing dynamic range. It’s like having layers and layers of color and data hidden under each fold. You can literally shoot once and bring out colors and details you never thought were there. The files are extremely malleable for editing. This is especially true for shooting in low light. Low light shadows and
dark areas can almost ALWAYS be brought up for additional details hidden in the shadow.

AF – this is the main concern most people have with using this camera for stills. True, this camera has no phase detection AF and it’s all contrast detection. However it’s AMAZING contrast detection. I’ve honestly never had issues with it as it is fast, accurate, and works in the dark. The camera was made for low light use so consequentially the sensor’s ability to see in the dark and focus in the dark is excellent. I’ve had cameras like the A7rii and A7ii which have hundreds of “advanced hybrid PDAF/CD” sensors utterly fail in low light. The A7s is always dependable in seeing where sometimes your eyes can’t.

Battery – The gen 1 and gen 2 A7 cameras all have issues with battery life. It’s a consequence of the small W batteries and it wasn’t addressed until the gen 3 Z type batteries were introduced. But for stills photography where you don’t need the camera to be on for 30 min at a time, it was sufficient with a second backup battery. When shooting video you have the camera on for hours at a time filming and will need to attach a second screen, mic, and extra batteries. For photos, get into the habit of turning the camera off when not shooting and turn it back on when you’re ready to shoot.

Megapixels and Image quality. This is my primary issue with the camera. 12 megapixels. Even though it’s 12 beautiful megapixels, it is unfortunately not enough. 12MP is the size iphone cameras shoot these days. I am constantly wishing there was JUST BIT MORE megapixels squeezed in there to play around with. Often it comes when I need to crop photos down for better composition. I shot this in tandem with a A7rii and I could crop the hell out of the A7rii’s 42MP files to get to my liking. The A7s’s 12mp files are almost at the limit of what’s deliverable to the client. Cropping even 20% gives you 9MP which is understandably tiny. The standard in the industry is 24 megapixels and 12 is too little to deliver to a client. Furthermore, used with beautiful Sony G Master lenses you really can’t make proper use of the lens’s resolving ability. Small tiny details and textures are lost because the 12MP sensor can’t record all the details. However with 12MP you have nearly unlimited image storage with a 64gb card size. The file sizes are tiny, under 16mb per file as RAWs. For things like Instagram where you’re limited to a 1080×1080 size, then it’s good enough, but for anything serious, it won’t be.

At the end of the day you want to know if you should buy this camera. At $2000, the answer is no. For $400 more you can get the A7sii which with IBIS makes a lot more sense to a photographer or videographer. However around $1500 it’s definitely worth it as a backup camera or a main camera for an aspiring photographer or videographer. I would say get one just to experience how good a true low light camera can be!

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Top critical review

a huge leap, but only for specialists

Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2015
Color: BlackConfiguration: BaseVerified Purchase
yes, this is a very specialized camera. it will take pictures in places where you cannot see. Really.But in many dark areas where one thinks one is seeing in extreme low light you can actually get good results at 6000 ISO. This Sony at >25,000 may be far more than you need unless you know beforehand that you need it. The second big problem is that this camera does not focus fast or accurately in these low light situations. Many of my images are out of focus. There are also areas where banding occurs at some medium to high speeds ruining the shot. This is an incredible camera which makes Sony at the most interesting equipment maker out there, but depending on your expectations this may be a technology in beta. Still glad they made the choice available.

an additional note that I am sad to report…. I had to make a minor repair. Sony warranty lasts only a year, something they really do not tell you up front. These are fragile cameras, a lot of electronics in beta. Although well made these cameras have to be treated with kid gloves… they are not beginners cameras, not for journalists or travelers. And only for people used to handling delicate equipment. Sony repairs are very slow and very, very expensive partly because so few are made compared to Canikon that the replacement parts are difficult to come
by. I am sure this will improve in time.

Top Customer Reviews

Thank you Sony for not playing the megapixel game
Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2015
Color: BlackConfiguration: BaseVerified Purchase
This camera really is the game changer others have said it was
Low light is unbelievable I can record things with this camera that I can barely see with my eyes
Still image quality is superb the best pictures I’ve ever taken are with this camera I have to many 24×36 prints on my wall from this camera
Zebra striping and focus peaking make taking perfect pictures and video to easy
There are only two caveats the life of the batteries as others have mentioned really is pretty lackluster you can get by with them but I’m going to have to do something about it
And its getting better but lens selection is still pretty weak
The two problems dont bother much at all once I look at the quality of images taken with this camera
Thank you Sony for not playing the stupid megapixel war game

Low Light Monster
Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2015
Color: BlackConfiguration: BaseVerified Purchase
This camera is exceptionally good at low light imagery. I purchased it to use with my assortment of Leica lenses, mostly indoors in low light situations. I had read good things about Sony’s manual focusing aids such as focus peaking and magnification, so I took the leap of faith and purchased the camera. I am very glad I did.

Manually focusing with this camera is a piece of cake. Focus peaking works well, even with very little ambient light available, and magnification also helps.

The image quality of photographs in low light at high ISO is very good. Very little noise or image degradation up through 12,800 ISO. I’ve shot a lot of images at ISO 12,800 with this camera, and the shots look clean and crisp. At lower ISOs, the images rendered rival the Leica M240.

The menu is easy to navigate, as are the buttons and knobs on the camera body.

Battery life could be better, but it’s not something that’s a big deal. Just make sure you have a spare with you.

12 megapixels might be an issue depending on how you plan on using this camera. If you plan on printing out large photographs (larger than 13×19), you may want to consider the regular A7, or the A7r. Also, if you do a lot of cropping, the A7s might not be for you. But, if you’re looking for a camera that does really well at high ISOs in low light, this is the ideal camera for you.

Low Light King
Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2015
Color: BlackConfiguration: BaseVerified Purchase
Upgraded to this from a Canon T2i and this camera blew me away. The low light capabilities are simply insane and this opens up a ton of new possibilities for me when it comes to film making. Menu system can be overwhelming and you may get a lost in it at first, but once you get used to where you are it’s easy. There’s also an option for quick functions button that allows you to manage a top list of functions that you can customize to your liking. Not only that but there are quite a couple custom buttons found around the camera that you can link to a myriad of functions. Really liking this so far, here’s a quick list of pro’s and con’s so far.

-Very small camera
-Nothing touches this camera in this price range when it comes to low light, seriously
-Sharp, crisp quality
-Did I mention the freaking low light capabilities?!
-S Log2 profile allows for bringing in lost highlights and dynamic range

-No internal 4K, only external option (with an Atmos Shogun or other compatible 4k monitor)
-Battery life leaves a little to be desired (last about 1.5 – 2 hours shooting video)
-Wish LCD screen moved out in 360 degrees like GH4 does, but step up for me still coming from T2i

The Low-light / Street / Video Beast
Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2014
Color: BlackConfiguration: BaseVerified Purchase
I had little interest in this camera when it was first announced, but after reading some of the reviews I decided to give it a chance. I was hesitant for the obvious reason: 12 MP. What is this, 2008? I understand why having fewer, larger pixels results in better high-ISO performance, but the previously reigning low-light king (according to DxOMark), the Nikon Df, has 16 MP, so 12 seemed a little stingy. As a street photographer who often shoots from the hip, literally, I like to have the option to crop, and 12 MP would leave me precious little margin for error.

First, the bad: Yes, 12 MP is limiting. People who tell you otherwise are either being disingenuous or only do photography where there’s plenty of time to compose and adjust zoom or get closer as necessary. Any photography that demands capturing fleeting moments, including street and wedding, is going to suffer from the cropping constraints.

And yet, I still consider this the full-frame street photography king for two reasons: High ISO performance and the silent shutter option. I’m not interested in making night look like day, but the high-ISO performance allows me to use faster shutter speeds and greater depth of field so my subjects are neither blurry nor out of focus. I’ve never used any images above 6400 from the other cameras I’ve recently owned (D800, A7, E-M5), but with this camera I feel comfortable using 12800 and even 25600. People who say images are “usable” up to 51,200 probably have a different definition of usable than I do. Some claim the noise on this camera has a film grain quality to it; I think all digital noise is ugly, and if I want grain I can add it in post. Good thing there’s just less noise with this sensor.

You may have seen the High-ISO shootout on the famous review website that begins with DP. Of course I could always use the 36 MP images from my D800 and shrink and normalize to 12 MP and get noise that’s only a little worse than the A7S, but the D800 isn’t very discreet on the street. I could get an A7R and try the same thing, but again, the shutter noise…

And discretion is another area where the A7S shines, both in its size and its electronic silent shutter option. I love the silent shutter on my RX100 and the very quiet E-M5 and Ricoh GR shutters. The A7S silent shutter is completely silent, as advertised. This opens up new worlds of possibility for close-quarter street photography, and was decisive in my decision to keep this camera. Just note that you will get rolling shutter effects if the camera is moving fast or with things like lightning. In such cases you can switch back to the regular or electronic first curtain shutter.

Autofocus performance is as good or better than that of my A7, especially in low light. This is puzzling because the A7 has hybrid phase detection whereas the A7S only uses contrast detection. I assume the smaller number of pixels and better processing/implementation are responsible for that discrepancy.

It’s too early to say how 4K video will stack up against the GH4 since the Atomos Shogun isn’t available yet. If I were a dedicated videographer just starting out I would probably buy the GH4, but for somebody who is already invested in FE-mount lenses this A7S is the obvious way to go. If you only need 1080p this camera is overkill–the A6000 and other cameras shoot very nice 1080p for a fraction of the price.


Speaking of price, this camera is not cheap. At current street prices it’s a full thousand dollars more than the A7 body, and the A7 is already a very good camera that has double the pixel count. So, should you buy it? I would say yes only if you need at least TWO of the three things at which it excels. Low-light video? ABSOLUTELY. Low-light street photography? YES. But if you only need excellence in ONE area, or do a different kind of photography, there are cheaper and/or better options. This will replace the A7 as my street photography staple, but I’ll hold on to my D800 for high-res applications until the next iteration of the A7R addresses some of that camera’s lingering issues, at which point I may go all in with Sony’s full-frame mirrorless system. Maintaining two systems is expensive and inefficient, and I really think Canikon are losing the future by not recognizing that mirrorless is it.

Fantastic video camera
Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2016
Color: BlackConfiguration: BaseVerified Purchase
I use this for my youtube channel all the time and love it. Great low light capabilities and has plenty of accessories that are made for it from sony as well as third-party manufacturers. I highly recommend getting a lens with image stabilization because it does really help.

I mostly use it for youtube but it still does take great pictures. They just don’t have the ridiculous resolution that the a7r’s have.

Low light beast
Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2016
Color: BlackConfiguration: BaseVerified Purchase
This camera is a beast with video. It’s astounding how much dynamic range there is compared to my Nikon d810. It also took me by surprise at the lack of noise even going above 25600 ISO. Having S-log 2 is a great option, however, it is a steep learning curve and I would not recommend using that setting if you are taking videos and stills at the same time. I don’t use this camera much for stills since I need the extra megapixels for my commercial clients. However, I now use this as my primary travel/vacation stills camera especially with the great Wifi connectivity option and being able to use my smartphone as a remote!

Wow! That’s all I can say.
Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2014
Color: BlackConfiguration: BaseVerified Purchase
Wow! That’s all I can say about the low-light capabilities of this camera. It is truly something special.

I’ve been using an Olympus E-M1 and Fuji X-T1 for the last year. Both are great cameras, but I decided to try my hand at using a Full-frame. I originally considered the A7/A7r, but I am so glad that I waited until the A7s to pull the trigger and purchase.

The high ISO on this camera cannot be matched. Words fail to accurately describe how I can now take very usable photos in low light, even near total darkness. Photos taken at 6400 ISO look as good as photos taken at 400 or 800 with other cameras.

The Sony AF, while not as fast as the Oly of Fuji mentioned above, still compares quite favorably. It is quick and I haven’t experienced any problems….even in low light.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with this camera. The only negatives are its very high price and the limited amount of lenses currently available.

Know what you need.
Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2014
Color: BlackConfiguration: BaseVerified Purchase
I bought this camera because I’m a videographer and I wanted a great video camera. If I wanted to focus on taking photos, I would have bought one of the other two models.

The video is clean! I’m sure you already know about the usable high iso, 120fps 720, and all the other options you have available to you, and it doesn’t disappoint, even without an external recorder but you should still get one. This plus + an atomos recorder can be amazing!!! If your focus is video, this camera definitely needs to be fully rigged out before it’s complete, but I don’t mind spending more money even if I don’t have any right now :(. As far as pictures go, I don’t plan on making large prints, but I do plan on taking casual pictures of my life and this is just fine. shoot, It’s better than fine actually. I too forgot what 12mp looks like, and its not bad at all. I knew what I needed and this fits it just right. Layout feels great, and very customizable. That battery life is a quick one though, I do suggest getting the grip, it helps a lot. No in camera charge with the grip though, buy extra bats and chargers.

This is a game changer and opens up creative possibilities that were never there before
Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2014
Color: BlackConfiguration: Base
I do not do many Amazon reviews for cameras as I have a huge review website for this purpose. But every once in a while a special camera comes along that does almost everything so so right. It is then I feel the need to come here and write a short review on Amazon. The A7s is one of those cameras.

I have used every camera made over the past 7 years. ALL of them, even DSLRs. I only review and write about the ones that move me, the ones I like, the ones that offer something special whether that is in the form of usability, IQ, abilities, lenses, versatility, etc.

The A7s offers so much, that it is probably the favorite camera I have ever reviewed or used in 7 years. I have loved and adored many cameras for what they offer. The Olympus E-M1 is a micro 4/3 masterpiece. The lenses for that system are the best there is. The Sony RX1 and RX1r..magical and quite special once you know how to use it and exploit what it offers. The Leica M 240, again, it can provide an emotional experience while delivering class leading IQ.

But today I am talking about the virtues and benefits of the Sony A7s. I find it sad that many just look at the words “12MP” and assume it is not good for photos. NONSENSE 100%, and that is a fact.

In reality, 12MP is more than 99.8% of us will ever need (see my review at my site for more on this) ad I can make beautiful 20X30 prints from an A7s file (just got one back today) just as I used to do with my 4MP Nikon D2hs. Huge MP is NOT needed for large prints! Now if you want to shoot massively detailed landscapes, go for medium format as that will deliver what you need more than any 35mm based camera. For everything else, the A7s is plenty.

Now there are those who are “pixel peepers”, who only get enjoyment from viewing their images 100% on a computer screen (which is not a way to view a photo and has nothing to do with real photography). If this is you then you will need a 36MP monster to satisfy your needs.

The A7s has LOADS going for it over an A7 or A7r, below are a few of those things:

  1. Low light abilities – I am NOT talking high ISO here, I am talking Auto Focus ability. This camera has an uncanny ability to focus in pitch blackness, even without the AF assist light. You will never be in a situation where the A7s cannot focus.
  2. High ISO – As of July 2014, there is NOTHING that can touch this fro high ISO use. I have decided that I can now go up to ISO 102,000 and have a usable image. Color stays, DR stays. Amazing. ISO 6400 is like many cameras at ISO 400. This opens up all kinds of creative possibilities and things no one has ever been able to do before. It is significant just for that reason alone.
  3. AF Speed. This is faster to Af than the A7 and A7s, no question.
  4. Quiet – This camera is much quieter than the A7 and A7r and can even be shot in SILENCE. As in ZERO noise. I shot a scene at ISO 80k in a dark room. No one knew I took the shot and it was quiet in a room that echoed severely. No one would have believed me if I told them I took a shot as it was seemingly impossible to do without a flash.
  5. Video – Amazing video capabilities even at ISO 102,000.
  6. Leica M Glass friendly – The A7 and A7r and even the Leica M itself has issues with some wide angle M mount lenses (the M 240 has issues with 3rd party wides) that create colored edges and unusable color images. The A7s is the 1st full frame digital that can use a lens like the 15 Voigtlander without any real issues, IN COLOR! This is huge for those with Leica M glass. Huge. I use the 15, 35 1.2 and others and they look beautiful, in some cases beating what comes from the M240 in good light. Low light? The Leica can not compete with the A7s.
  7. AWB and color – The AWB and color is improved with the A7s over the A7 and A7r, this is a fact.

So there are just 7 of the reasons the A7s is way more useful than the A7 or A7r for my tastes. Resolution, again, 12MP is plenty for any web use and any print size 99.9% of us will print. If you are a person who is into photography and NOT pixel peeping you will adore this camera without question. It opens up all kinds of possibilities that were never there before. Slap on a 50 0.95 from Mitakon or even Leica and your world will be rocked.

The camera is solid, has a great EVF and LCD and the ONLY complaint I have is that it does not have in body IS. If it had the Olympus 5 Axis IS it would be my dream camera. Really.

New lenses are on the way and even Zeiss has some amazing new offerings coming in MF lenses that will work with the Sony. For me, this 12MP beauty is all I really need but I still am emotionally attached to my Leica M and Olympus E-M1 😉

To those who gave this camera low ratings or say it is no good for photos, you are wrong. It’s superb for photo or video and beats out most cameras i have used in recent years. You can see tons of photos in my review if you just google for it.

Sure there will always be new A7x or A7T..but for now, July 2014, this one is at the top of the Sony Heap for me.

The A7s for me gets 5 stars.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Factory Unlocked Cell Phone Reviews

More Freedom

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Factory Unlocked Cell Phone (U.S. Warranty) Reviews : With unlocked by samsung, you call the shots. Start with the Galaxy Note 10 | 10+ you want, then choose your carrier, data plan, services, features, and apps, so you get the phone you want, set up exactly how you want it.

Color: Aura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black
Screen: 6.3” Nearly Bezel-less Infinity Display*
Display Type: Edge
S Pen: Bluetooth, Air Action Wireless Gestures, Handwriting-to-Text
Biometrics: Ultrasonic In-Display Fingerprint ID
Front Camera: 10MP Selfie Camera with Dual Pixel
Rear Camera: 12MP Wide, 12MP 2x Zoom, 16MP Ultra Wide
Capacity: 256GB Storage / 8 GB RAM
Battery: 3,500mAh Superfast Charging, All-Day Battery, Wireless PowerShare
Legal: *Screen measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting for the rounded corners

Color: Aura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black
Screen: 6.8” Nearly Bezel-less Infinity Display*
Display Type: Edge
S Pen: Bluetooth, Air Action Wireless Gestures, Handwriting-to-Text
Biometrics: Ultrasonic In-Display Fingerprint ID
Front Camera: 10MP Selfie Camera with Dual Pixel
Rear Camera: 12MP Wide, 12MP 2x Zoom, 16MP Ultra Wide
Capacity: 256GB Storage / 12GB RAM, 512GB Storage / 12GB RAM
Battery: 4,300mAh Superfast Charging, All-Day Battery, Wireless PowerShare
Legal: *Screen measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting for the rounded corners
Factory Unlocked cell phone: This model is not compatible with 5G. SIM size Nano SIM (4FF), SIM Slot Type SIM 1 MicroSD.

About this Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Factory Unlocked Cell Phone

Fast charging, long lasting intelligent power and super speed processing outlast whatever you throw at Note 10
S pen’s newest Evolution gives you the power of air gestures, a remote shutter and playlist button and handwriting to text, all in One Magic wand
With a full set of Pro lenses, super stabilization, live video bokeh and precision audio recording, Note 10 is a studio in your pocket
Note 10’s nearly bezel less Infinity display gives an immersive, cinematic quality to whatever you’re viewing
Internet usage time(LTE) (hours) up to 14. Internet usage time(wi fi) (hours) up to 14. Audio playback time (hours, wireless) up to 60. Talk time (4G LTE) (hours) up to 38. Video playback time (hours, wireless) up to 19

About this Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Factory Unlocked Cell Phone

Fast charging, long lasting intelligent power and super speed processing outlast whatever you throw at Note 10 plus
S pen’s newest Evolution gives you the power of air gestures, a remote shutter and playlist button and handwriting to text, all in One Magic wand
With a full set of Pro lenses, super stabilization, live video bokeh and precision audio recording, Note 10 plus is a studio in your pocket
Note 10’s nearly bezel less Infinity display gives an immersive, cinematic quality to whatever you’re viewing
SIM size Nano SIM (4FF) ; SIM Slot Type SIM 1 MicroSD

Main KV

Power that lasts more than your day.

An all-day battery that intelligently powers every scroll, click, call, tap, playlist and season finale you can throw at it.

Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns. Results may vary.

Hours of power from minutes of charge.

Charge up with Superfast Charge and head out the door faster, with more juice.

When using the included charger and cable.

Storage of a laptop in your pocket.

Generous storage out of the box plus expandable* memory means you never have to delete what’s important to you.

*Not available on Galaxy Note10; microSD card sold separately.

Immersive, nearly bezel-less cinematic display.

With nearly immersive bezels, Galaxy Note10 cinema-quality display elevates everything you watch.

Air gestures, remote photos and handwriting-to-text, in one magic wand.

The closest thing to a magic wand for your smartphone, S Pen is a remote control for your device, with air gestures, remote shutter button for perfect photos, precision clipping and editing, and seamless handwriting-to-text conversion.

Gesture to command, without touching your phone.

Control playlists, camera shots and other features remotely on Galaxy Note10 with gestures and click on S Pen.

Real-world depth for perfect video.

Galaxy Note10’s pro-grade camera captures lie video bokeh for stunning depth in every frame.

Like a pro-grade studio in your pocket.

Get pro-quality photos every time with a full system of studio lenses in your pocket.

Customer Questions & Answers Most Helpful

Is this phone good for interstellar travel?
Yes it is great for interstellar travel. I just got back from Uranus, and I was shocked it worked in such a dark place. If you ever go, take goggles and a snorkel. I also heard it works on Mars too. Would be great if you could go to both places, first go to Uranus, then blast off Uranus straight to Mars. I bet the phone will work the entire time too.

What bands does this support?
Can be used on GSM and CDMA carriers

How long is the cable that comes with the phone?
Mine was about 3ft long.

what is the return policy for this product?
Return policies vary depending on the seller. You could be purchasing from Amazon directly, or an Amazon reseller.

can i use micro sd slot for second sim on samsung galaxy note 10 plus factory unlocked phone with 256gb ?
The description says dual (hybrid) SIM slot. That means you should be able to insert EITHER a second SIM or extra storage (micro SD).

What sd card do i need for the samsung galaxy note 10 plus factory unlocked cell phone with 256gb (u.s. warranty), aura black/ note10 ?
Any Sd Card, I’ll have a 128 Gb inserted and I purchase the Sd card 3 yrs ago and work like a charm. Plus this Note 10 comes with 256 Gb Of Memory plus 12 Gb ram, really fast, you don’t gonna need an Sd unless like me you like to download a lot apps and take pictures plus videos a lot. Buy it you don’t gonna Repent.

How long is the battery life?
Last really long

I am currently purchasing a used but good note 10 sold by amazon warehouse, my question is is it inspected before sold? price $583 what a steal!
if it says it is than it is. Most will say used, from other sellers, or fulfilled by Amazon. Its always good to ask Amazon. Mine was new sold by Amazon through Samsung

Says 1 sim slot plus a hybrid slot right? So it can add a micro sd or a second sim card right?

Where is this phone made

Wireless charging?
Yes the note 10 plus supports wireless fast charging. Samsung ones are available or 3rd party from Amazon.

How do I transfer my information from my old phone?
Google “app to transfer data” and find the app associated with your carrier and install it. The app will then lead you through transferring the data from your old to new phone. Or, take it to your carrier’s store and ask an associate to do it for you.

Can i use any indian sim card on factory unlocked phones & is it done by the official service center
yes, I don’t see why not. The phone is already unlocked by Samsung, so no need to contact service center.

This phone work in Canada?
I believe it will. I have used it in two different countries ( France – Paris and Nigeria- Abuja) worked flawlessly.

Can you please confirm this can be used in India cellular provider?
It’s a Factory unlocked and Universal unlocked Galaxy.

I need the imei number from this samsung phone to see if i able to use in on xfinity mobile?
Go to settings, then about phone and you will see the imei #

Does this phone comes with a sim card
No it does not. Here is what is included in the box.

Handset, Travel Adapter, Data Cable, AKG Headset, Ejection Pin, USB Connector, S Pen Accessory, Screen Protector Leaflet, Smart Switch Insert, Quick Reference Manual, Terms & Conditions/ Health & Safety Guide

Can this phone go in water
Okay, Mr. Biggles must be smoking something that gives you the giggles…. Yes it is waterproof for 30 minutes for 1.5 meters. It is NOT tested in 100% sterilized water, however it is tested in just normal water, and under water with pressure. I have had several of mine past the manufacture rating, in lakes, shower, 12 foot pool, and even the ocean and they still work. Do I recommend 12ft and the salt water from the ocean? No, but just throwing it out there so you know the capabilities. Only part that doesn’t work 100% when taken out are the speakers, however after an hour or so they dry out, and go back to normal. Or, you can download high frequency apps (such as Sonic Wave), that play loud frequencies, which pushes the water out.

Mr. Biggles……. put the stuff down, it’s really uneducating.

Top positive review

One of the few phones worth it’s crazy price

Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2019
Style: Note 10+Size: 256GBColor: Aura White

I’ve been buying the latest and greatest smartphones since the early HTC days and have owned just about every significant Samsung smartphone release since then. Every year I will stray over to other manufacturers to see what the big and small players are up to. Most, but not all of the time, I find myself right back to my Samsung phone as the daily driver. Which is usually a Note. Now that Samsung has released another Note series for an increasingly high price, let’s see how it does. In particular against my Note 9 that it’s replacing.


  • Excellent build quality
  • The high-resolution OLED display somehow looks even better than before
  • Superfast performance; zero lag
  • Much improved speakers that you can feel
  • The bezels continue to disappear; nearly all-screen
  • Core functions, such as phone calls, still work great
  • Lots of internal storage + expandable storage
  • Generous battery that truely lasts all-day
  • Fast wired and wireless charging for those very heavy phone usage days
  • The ever-useful stylus continues to evolve
  • 3 Camera Lenses for any scenario
  • Great picture & video quality with some useful features


  • Hole punch camera is distracting
  • The in-screen fingerprint reader takes a few steps back from the physical sensor
  • RIP headphone jack
  • Price keeps going up


Compared to the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy Note 10+ feels much more substantial than I expected. It has more heft and somehow even more solid feel to it. In particular with the Samsung OEM cases. Which are also expensive, but continue the high-quality impression of what you are holding in the hand.

The left side has the volume up/down and power button. The bottom is USB-C port and stylus holder. The rest of the phone is fairly clean and simple. I prefer power on the right, but it’s easy enough to get used to after a few hours. I opted for the white version to mix things up and I like it. It still provides a nice high-end look all while resisting visible fingerprints (and probably scratches) than most darker and shinier colors.

Even with a 6.8″ display, it’s still roughly the same size as the Note 9. There is now simply less bezel. But due to the squared corners, it never feels small. If you aren’t already used to large phones, this will take some getting used to. And as manufacturers continue to slowly push the size of phones combined with no more bezels to shrink, this is probably about as large as I expect a mainstream phone to go. Any further and folks are going to have issues.


Long ago this used to be Samsung’s weakest point. They’d throw lots of half-baked features with no optimization, resulting in lots of lag and bloat. Those days are long gone. Samsung nailed that down with the Galaxy S9/Note 9 series. Except with the Note 10, it’s even faster, and smoother. Which I suspect much credit goes toward the Snapdragon 855.

I should note that I am a fan of Google’s Android Experience. But every time I jump over to a Google phone (or another brand), I immediately start to miss all of the small but very useful features Samsung has built into their phone. The game launcher, scene optimizer, multiple lenses, display quality, high-end specs, etc.

And honestly, after easily disabling Bixby, there isn’t that much bloat. Disable/Remove a few random apps like Facebook and I’m good to go.


As noted above, the performance is absolutely fantastic. Usually while going through initial setup or installing apps, these phones tend to get very laggy. This was probably the only time I saw a hint of lag, but surprisingly minimal. In that, I could easily and quickly perform other tasks while downloading and installing apps, games, music, etc.

Each year as performance increases, the need for synthetic benchmarks decrease. I think they still serve a purpose in limited use-cases for a “reliable” baseline. But today, I’m not going to bother. This phone is fast and can do everything you want.


The 6.8″ WQHD+ Dynamic AMOLED display combined with some significantly improved speakers are simply the best upgrades from previous phones. Watching high-resolution content on YouTube or Netflix look and sound fantastic. I found myself glued to the screen during my demo session with various clips.

Even the icons on the desktop almost pop from the screen. As though they are right there touching your fingers.

The speakers finally have some force behind them as well. Allowing you to “feel” the vibrations in your hand. And yes, they are quite loud. With Atmos-enabled they provide a great stereo separation effect.

I’ll also mention there is an included screen protected. It’s very thin but it’s quite unobtrusive. I usually remove these. But since it virtually covers the entire screen and provides a smooth swiping experience, I’ll leave it for now.

And last I’ll briefly mention the hole punch as it does have a negative impact with the multimedia experience. Anytime there is a bright scene around that area, my eyes are immediately drawn to it. This needs go away sooner rather than later.

As the camera count increases, so too does the usefulness, functionality, and flexibility. The rear now has a 16MB ultra-wide camera, 12MP wide-angle camera (normal), and 12MP telephoto camera. The introduction of wide-angle is super useful and one I use very often. Each camera captures excellent pictures.

I told my Pixel 3 and don’t have it for comparison today. Are there better cameras available? I’m sure there are. But unless you are really comparing back-to-back, I doubt you’d notice. In particular, if you like to record video. That’s one area the Pixel and some other phones don’t do as well. The stability and clarity when recording 4K @ 60fp is excellent. Combined with solid audio recording and you’ve got a great overall camera package.

I’m not into selfies, but that 10MP camera is somewhat mandatory these days. It’s unfortunate it has resulted in a small but very noticeable hole in the screen. Which as noted above, is absolutely noticeable. In either case, it takes solid pictures as well. No complaints there.


Unfortunately, there is another negative feature change. With the Galaxy Note 9, and virtually every other phone with a physical reader, you can just rest your finger and quickly unlock/wake your phone. With Samsung’s implementation of the in-screen reader, you have to press firmly and wait a second for it to register. And if it doesn’t read your fingerprint right away, it may be a few seconds or repeated attempts.

If the screen is turned on, it does tend to be quicker. But you still need to press firmly and wait longer than in the past. I’m really hoping a software update improves this. Otherwise, I may just go back to the power button and a pin.


There are a lot of other software features, but I did want to highlight these two as they are unique and stand out for me. I got used to Dex with my last Samsung phone. And there continue to be minor but useful improvements. Dex is surprisingly useful if you want to do some light work. When I’m on-the-go I can easily plug in a USB-C to HDMI cable, Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and have a portable desktop experience. You can also now use a normal USB cable and windows app to access Dex, it’s just not ideal for games and multimedia.

I’ve got personal and work e-mail, browser, youtube, office apps, and a range of other tools. I don’t need to do video or photo editing on the go. And I found this can meet just about any task I need or want to do while traveling. This is a little more useful on a tablet, but in a different way, as the keyboard is already included. Less to travel with.

And then there is the new Your Phone feature. This is a little more “early stage” in development, but still handy. Just plug in a USB cable to any Windows PC and you can mirror what’s on your phone. You also have direct access to messages, but the mirror function is nice. You can interact with your phone, on the PC. All while charging it.

I’d like to see more dedicated ports into this app. But being able to see and respond to any notification is great. Just don’t expect to play games or smoothly stream youtube.


That’s right, this is still a phone. And as such, it needs to make phone calls! And other core functions. As I use this for both personal and work, this is a critical but often overlooked feature. While it may feel like more of a check-box item, I’ve had more than a few phones over the years that still fail in this arena.

I’m pleased to report that phone calls and text are excellent. Speakerphone works well. No issues with hearing anybody and vice versa. The radios appear to be good quality. Bluetooth is reliable as well as wi-fi, which is very fast. I’m easily pushing 300-400Mbps up/down with my Google Mesh Wireless network.


So how exactly do you justify a $1,100 phone? Honestly, you really don’t justify it. At least not in the traditional sense. My Note 9 would have continued to serve me well for another year. But we buy these phones because they’re interesting, they entertain us, and they make life a little bit easier. And considering the significant percentage of time many of us spend on these portable gadgets, it starts to make sense that we want to allocate more budget towards them.

While it’s not perfect (no phone is), I still believe Samsung has enough features, functionality, quality, and performance for me to “justify” the Galaxy Note 10+’s price and keep it as my daily driver for another year. I’ll still grab a few more phones that intrigue me between now and the Note 11, but I’d be surprised if they truly replaced this one. If they can, I’d welcome it.

Top critical review

Very disappointed wasted hours on setup it defective I must return it.

Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2019
Style: Note 10+Size: 512GBColor: Aura BlackVerified Purchase
The phone was defective out of the box. I had spent hours on setup before I realized. I contacted Samsung support got a tech that knew less about the phone than I did grrr…hate that wasted my time and still didn’t work. My S pen would not operate the camera. One of the features I upgraded for from the note 8. Basic features were fine it’s a good phone but I bought it for a camera upgrade. Just a waste of time I just plan to return..what if the next one has another problem? Oh the pictures were not much improved.

Top Customer Reviews

Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2019
Style: Note 10+Size: 512GBColor: Aura BlackVerified Purchase
My New Note 10+ arrived Tuesday Morning. Having Owned The Note 1, Note 2, Note 4, Note 7 (for a few hours before it was recalled), and the Note 8, I had more than a few expectations. After 6 days of ownership, i can honestly say every expectation was meet or exceeded. Battery Life unbelievable. Screen excellent. Included software, great. Have used it on both Verizon & AT&T with no problems. Not expecting any problems in Europe in a few weeks, in multiple countries, with 2 more service provider’s SIMs With 512GB built in, and my installed 512GB Micro SD Card, I can carry with me every document, every picture, every video that i want to not only for areas without or high priced Wi-Fi, but also as a secure backup for my small business files. So Why am I sorry? I am sorry for the external battery sellers – I don’t need to carry one with me. Sorry that I have purchased multiple QC3 vehicle chargers. Don’t need most of them. Almost sorry I have 3 tablets, 2 at offices, 1 at home. Have not quite given those up, but they may end up for sale. Is the phone overpriced? Of course it is, however it is something I use virtually every waking hour. Extremely pleased with it!

Beautiful phone! Very sturdy
Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2019
Style: Note 10+Size: 256GBColor: Aura SilverVerified Purchase
This phone is great! Very beautiful. The shipping was fast except i had to bug down DHL cause they keep delaying custom and wont notify or tell you why. No scratches or glitches that I can see so far. Came with plastic screen protector, definitely need to get a case. Pretty happy 🙂

Update: phone is still working great. It has fell many times already and im very amazed at how sturdy it is. I was riding a motorcycle and it flew off my pocket and only got scratched on the casing and a tiny dent on the side. Very suprised at how the screen did not crack one bit. Love this phone still would recommend to people. It has screen recorder which can be used for creative people. The extra sd card slot does not fit an extra sim card so dual sim is not possible for the US version. Battery life is amazing i only have to charge it every so often and i play games alot. Much cheaper now compare to when it first came out. I think it’s worth it.
Also i got a huge refund on. This phone as they overestimated the import fee to where i am (Bermuda). Only buy from trusted seller, which is “shipped and fulfilled by amazon”

I am in love with my Note 10+
Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2020
Style: Note 10+Size: 256GBColor: Aura SilverVerified Purchase
I absolutely love this phone!! It is sleek easy to use has lots of great features and came in perfect condition. Upon unboxing it did take a bit of time to get the software updated I think I had to update about 7 times but it’s totally worth it! The screen is super big which makes everything easier to read and great for games and videos. It is worth the money to buy it. I dont see myself needing a new phone again for a long time. And the battery life is amazing! I play lots of games and stream youtube constantly and only have to charge my phone every other day for about an hour. The in-screen fingerprint reader can be a little glitchy mostly because it’s kinda hard to find the sensor when the screen is black, but you can use Facial ID to unlock your phone and then just have the fingerprint active for purchase verifications and app lock purposes which works really great for me. The S pen is a bonus without it the phone would be great but with that added little bonus it just makes this phone awesome. There are also lots of features that are associated with the Spen that make this phone lots of fun and really exciting to play around with. I’ve had mine for about a month now and it still works like the day I unboxed it. I spent a good 2-3 months researching all the new phones on the market before I made my decision to get the Note 10+ and I do not regret my decision to upgrade to this device. It also came with a screen cover on it that is reliable as well. I dropped my phone in the back of a fast food restaurant on the hard tile floor out of my hoodie pocket and not only did my phone not break scrape chip or shatter but the screen protector doesn’t even have a scuff! All in all this phone is durable, reliable, operates smoothly, has tons of fun features, and lives up to the description of most elite phone on the market right now!

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Note 10
Note 10+